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Nutrisiduniya family is a remarkable group of hardworking, professionally sound people who are always ready to go above and beyond to give the best possible learning experience to your kids. We bring to you the nuances and nitty-gritties related to a better health for your toddlers. We are not here to impose on you any product that has come into the market and is now being ready for its trials on your kids. Instead, we are here to help you! Help you to set on the learning experiences for your kids that are specifically designed in a way that there is a voluntary adaptation of eating behaviours. These are advantageous to the overall health and wellbeing, making the whole process an integral part of learning about nutrition and embedding the same in the lives of your kids since an early age.

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Hop Twister
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Healthy Lifestyle Worksheets Pack
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Health O’ Learn

Best Themed Activity Box for 2-6 Age Group

Health O’ Learn is a pandora box having ingenious, theme-based well curated activity tools specially designed for toddlers. Our activity boxes are creative, imparts knowledge and above all engages the child. The activity box contains range of engrossing activities that comprises of educational projects, puzzles, games, and many more exciting goodies that enhances the learning and delivers the knowledge about nutrition in fun way. The activity box spirals the learning process in which young children can imagine and do what they want to and play with their creatives that increases their self -learning capabilities. It is an iterative way of learning.

Building minds with our activity boxes!

Every child learns differently. Some learn through hearing, some by seeing and some by a way of touch. Their learning experiences are unique and special just as they are. When it comes to the early education what a child experiences in young age builds the foundation of a promising future. Our activity boxes are ideally designed to help you to provide the nutrition guidance to toddlers.

Enhanced creativity!

Most people believe that creativity is an inborn talent however creativity is a skill that can be developed over a period. Our activity boxes have well curated, delightful, and super fun activities that offer your toddlers amusement and works on their core creativity.

Enhanced imagination and concentration!

Imagination and Concentration are pillars to get stuff done. Our kids learn looking at us all the time. Having said this it is important that they develop their own imagination. Our activity boxes include toys and games that lets your child explore and learn and offer limitless imagination setting up an environment of play that helps in improving the concentration.

Screen free time!

As parents screen time is always a concern when it comes to the health of our kids. Children learn best by way of interaction and play time and our activity boxes are planned and designed for the same. They are perfect for a day where you can play with your kids and reduce their screen times and nurture a greater bond.

Enhanced motor skills!

Every kid develops motor skills at different rate enabling young children to be more independent by working on their smaller muscle groups. Our activity boxes help you incorporating fun activities into the routine supporting the growth of fine motor skills of your child and enhance knowledge of nutrition side by side.

Healthy habits in the box!

Being parents to young children is a tad bid difficult. Cooking them delicious food just to see them frown. Our activity box does that job for you in a fun way where you let your toddlers know the importance of the food they are eating and make them learn about nutrition without any fuss.


It is simple. Sign up easily. Just select the age group for you child. Go through the subscription and chose a theme and we will send you a well curated box that includes fun activities and tool to help you and your kids to develop a nutritious lifestyle.

Each month we choose a different theme and inspiring products that go along with that. This way your children gets a wholesome understanding of nutrition in a fun and playful manner.

Why not? We are here to help you to give your kids the best of the nutrition world. You can order a box enjoy the activity time with your kid and let us know the feedback. We are sure you will come back often!

Once we receive the order, we shall look into your purchase details and fill the activity box with the required items and ship the activity box in 2 or 3 days!

Our My healthy trunk is available in different themes. We curate each activity boxes according to the theme selected by you.

Yes, it is! Hassle free delivery of our activity boxes at your doorstep.

Sure, we do have certain tools and items that we ship individually for bulk orders. You can let us know at [email protected] and we shall get back to you.

We believe in keeping things simple. You can just email us at [email protected] and we shall look into the matter.

Absolutely! Our activity boxes make a wonderful gift idea. You can either use the same billing address or simply choose –“ship to other” address. You can change the name of the recipient.

Well, we do not do it and it is for a good reason. We curate and design the boxes under guidance of professionals thus customising the boxes takes time as well as loses the focus. However, you can still contact us at [email protected] and we shall look into it.


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